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"The Regiment lives on in the memory of those who served and the Third is gone but it is not forgotten!apridgwaysignature

So were the words of Lt Col Andrew Ridgway, the last Commanding Officer of the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment (3RTR), the West Country's own Armoured Regiment in 1992. awaaaaaayyyy!!!The Green Flash web site is about that Regiment, it's history, traditions and soldiers from formation in 1916 to eventual disbandment in 1992. It has been created to ensure that Andrew Ridgway's words are not forgotten.

It takes it's name from the Brunswick Green shoulder flash that Third Tankies wore on their uniform. Other than the stories that are in the Tech Stores area of the website and of course many of the pictures, it offers nothing really new to the reader that may not already be found in either history books or on the Internet. Where possible I have used images from the Public Domain or from private collections with the owner's permission. If by chance, you see a picture that is copyrighted, I am truly sorry, please inform me and I will remove it or attribute it to the owner!


Special Order No 6


'Fear Naught'