The Flers Standard

Flers Standard Party 1984. Lto R:  Nige Hinks, Mick Ribton and Pete Lip

Flers was the first proper town in which the 11th Armoured Division, of which 3RTR was part, had occupied since landing in France in 1944 and it was at this stage that they first began to speak of 'liberating' places rather than capturing them. In France and Belgium the word 'liberation' stood for fruit and wine and kisses; and it was at Flers that the commodities were first produced on any large scale.

Flers standard party C Sqn 1984

30 years later, on 8th June 1974 the Flers standard was presented to the survivors of the 1944 11th Armoured Division by the Flers Section of the United Nationale Des Combattants. It was the handed over to 3RTR for safekeeping. The Standard is the very first flag given to the Flers Section in 1919 and has always been carried in days of joy as well as sorrow in Flers.

Flers standard party C Sqn 1984

The Standard in kept in the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset.