Sgt FW Kite MM

Fred 'Buck' Kite MM



No 4858212 Sergeant Frederick William KITE, Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps.

Three miles west of TARHUNA throughout 20th January, 1943 Sergeant KITE was engaged in special reconnaissance duties, in command of a troop. The nature of the ground, the poor visibility, the enemy strength in MG, Anti Tk and HE fire which repeatedly hit and effected the mechanical efficiency of his two tanks, made conditions desperately difficult.

In face of these difficulties Sgt KITE excelled himself. No hostile anti tank gun, no field gun or machine gun opened fire on the Regimental front line without Sgt KITE reporting accurately its location to Artillery OPs. As the resultant counter Battery fire neutralised the enemy guns, Sgt KITE with his troop pressed forward and engaged the hostile gun crews with small arms fire, causing much confusion and considerable casualties. On several occasions he became dangerously isolated. Nothing daunted, he continued his gallant and skilful actions time and time again.

Sgt KITE's actions had much to do with the hurried and disorderly withdrawal of the enemy towards last light. His complete disregard of personal safety, his skilful leadership and his good humour throughout were a fine example to all who wanted him and listened to his wireless reports.

Citation Date 26th January 1943


No 4858212 Sergeant Frederick William KITE, Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps.

Sgt KITE was commanding a troop in A Sqn during the actions on July 18th and 19th near the village of BRAS. At all times he displayed a very high standard of leadership, dash and personal courage and was an excellent example for the remainder of the Sqn. When the Sqn was held up by 2 enemy tanks and 2 88mm guns on the high ground at BRAS, Sgt KITE by clever use of the ground pressed forward under heavy anti tank fire and knocked out one Mark 1V tank, one Panther and one of the 88mm guns and held onto his position under extremely trying circumstances. This allowed the remainder of the Sqn to get forward into better positions.

During both days of the action Sgt KITE displayed the highest standard of leadership, initiative and personal courage.

Citation dated 25th July 1944


No 4858212 Sergeant Frederick William KITE, Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps.

On 3rd August 1944 at LE GRAND BONFAIT, Sgt KITE was commanding on of several tanks on the edge of an orchard, the duty of these tanks being to support a company of infantry. This position was strongly counter attacked by enemy infantry and at least one Tiger and 4 Panther tanks. The enclosed nature of the country enabled these tanks to approach within a distance of 400 yards.

All the other tanks in the vicinity of Sgt KITE were hit and set on fire, but dispite this he remained in position. He assisted in the correction of our artillery fire thus preventing the enemy infantry forming, up with his tanks, for an advance on our position. Sgt KITE kept his own tank in action and secured at least 5 hits on the enemy tanks at short range before his own tank was hit and he himself was seriously wounded.

Sgt KITE showed the greatest personal courage and his example of the remaining in action against all odds, that were much against him, was an inspiration to all. He undoubtedly helped to a considerable degree beat off this attack on a feature of great importance.

Citation dated 11th August 1944

Buck Kite's medals. The MM is on the left.

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