You have been Green Flashed by Oby!!

Congratulations you have been Green Flashed by Oby (and in one instance by Malcy!). Thank you for making a donation to a Charity of your choice! For more of Oby's work please visit his website Just Caricatures ......more coming soon. To see a larger version of the smaller pictures, simply click on the picture. PLEASE NOTE ...please be patient Oby is working on a couple of other projects at the moment!

Chips Cole
Chips Cole who has donated some money to H4H
Malcolm Cleverly
Oby by Malcolm Cleverly
Malcolm Cleverly for making a number of donations to H4H
Howard O'Brien (Oby) by Malcolm Cleverly
Dave Lomax
Dave Lomax made a donation to
Alan 'Lefty' Wright
Alan 'Lefty' Wright makes regular donations to
Colin Hepburn
Bob Jacobs
Colin Hepburn made a donation to
Bob Jacobs made a donation to
Jeff Laing
Andy Fisher
Jeff Laing made a donation to
Andy Fisher made a donation to
Tony Freeman
Bert Hammond
Tony Freeman - Donated by to
Bert Hammond - Donated by Carol Palmer donation to


Total (ish!) money donated to charities
Thank you from Greenflash and Oby
(Less regular donations)
All Pictures on this page are Copyright Howard M O'Brien AKA Oby (C) 2009