The gallery is split into Sabre Squadrons, F Squadron and HQ Squadron. I have also included a Miscellaneous section for those odd ones. The T shirt gallery is for those people who own the Armoured Farmer T shirt which is available from MalcyArt. Please Email me with any suitable pictures for the site to with the Squadron, the year and who/what it is in title. If you cannot email them, I have the facility to scan pictures so contact me for the postal address. Once I have scanned them I will return them immediately. Of course, as the years pass my memory is not what it was so if I have named somebody/something incorrectly then please tell me!

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How to Get Green Flashed By Oby
An opportunity has arrived for you to have a caricature of you or somebody else for that matter , perhaps a friend or even to get back at somebody (I was thinking that maybe an opprtunity for Mouse Luxton has arrived to get even with Albert Copp although Terms and conditions do apply!!) created free of charge by Howard O'Brien (Oby). To do so will require you to make a small donation to a Charity of your choice. I will not be seeking proof of payment but will assume that you have done so. I am of course more than happy to place a link on the Caraciture Gallery page to your chosen Charity if you wish. The way that it will work is as follows:
  1. Email me at expressing your interest in having a caricature. (Please note that there may be a delay in registering your interest and the picture appearing due to the amount of work required by Oby!) It may be necessary to have a waiting list but I will inform you of this.
  2. Supply an up to date picture and a few ideas if you wish. These can be discussed in detail with Oby as well.
  3. I will then publish the caricature on the site along with your name and chosen charity.
  4. You pay your dues to your it on your conscience if you don't!!
  5. If you want the hard copy contact Oby direct as there may be an additional charge.
It is hoped that by doing this Oby will get a little more exposure and together we will raise some money for worthwhile charities.